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We're always looking for great talent.

Bluenotion is...

An award-winning digital studio that designs and builds custom software and delivers outstanding user experiences for our clients. We work with marquee names, including Rogers Communications, helping to deliver mass marketing campaigns, complex software platforms, and dynamic web and mobile apps.

We are not actively hiring full-time positions, but any of the following gigs could lead to one. We are currently looking for contractors willing to work on a project basis or a short-term 1 to 3 month contract. This is an opportunity to show off your skills and see if there's a fit with our team.

We're looking for...

A few more things to know...

Software Lead

Are you a hands-on technical manager who can round out and lead our team?

Responsibilities include:

Experience required:


Attention to detail and ability to clearly communicate is critical to this role. As such, you will only be considered for this position if you follow these instructions:

Send it all to:

Software Developers

Are you a passionate back-end software dev that wants to flex your stuff on some interesting projects that put you front and centre with our clients

Experience required:


Attention to detail is critical to this role. As such, you will only be considered for this position if you follow these instructions:

Send it all to:

Web Developer

You are an HTML/CSS developer that will build a large portion of our web applications, working from UI mockups. You can build interactive elements including: forms, widgets, drag-and-drop interfaces, slideshows, modals. You are also a whiz at data visualization, presenting maps and charts using external data sources. You might also wield your WordPress, Drupal or other CMS experience; PHP, Ruby On Rails, Python, and Java powers are also appreciated. Essentially you will use every tool in your belt and add-on new ones as you progress to developer superiority.

Experience required:


Attention to detail is critical to this role. As such, you will only be considered for this position if you follow these instructions:

Send it all to:

Freelancer or Student or someone else

If you are a freelance designer or developer and think you have something to offer, please get in touch. We're building a pool of talent we can call up at a moment's notice. We're also very interested in QA specialists, system administrators, web copywriters, iOS developers, usability analysts, and information architects.

Are you a student interested in a summer work term or internship? We'd love to have you here. If you are a computer science or creative design student and you think you'd thrive here, let us know.

Same instructions apply: Simply send us your best single work example -- tell us your role on the project, and what you loved about it. Describe your ideal workday, and we'll see if it matches what we can provide. Oh, and a resume is also necessary. Send it all to:



Job Perks

A discretionary bonus program, health benefits, personal days and a Christmas holiday shut-down is available to all permanent full-time employees. For all who work with us, we usually crack open a beer on every other Friday, and we have a respectable work from home policy. If that wasn't enough, we have an awesome work environment and client relationships that put you deep into the driver's seat when it comes to client face time and opportunity to show off your amazing solutions-oriented skill set.

What the heck do we work on?

The list below represents only a small selection of work from the past year.


Most of our work is for Rogers. We do a variety of customer-facing sites, some of them for mass or direct marketing campaigns, all powered by a core platform we built. We also spend a significant amount of time working on software systems for the company, working on behind-the-scenes sales tools for their call centers and field reps. We are most proud of the key product silos we designed, built, and managed and currently accessible via including:


We just began working with Scotiabank a few months ago. We are mainly engaged on the front-end doing UI and templating work as part of a redesign rollout in their International Banking division.


We've worked with them for years, mainly doing a lot of educational and consulting work to enable them to set up and deploy their own email marketing campaigns and microsites. Recently we built an 'engine' to power a customized insurance analysis for their affinity sponsors.

John Hancock

We began a relationship with John Hancock a year ago and started with a small quarterly project to produce and deploy an email newsletter campaign to thousands of insurance agents across the U.S.


We successfully launched the Hockeycentral iPad app and it cracked the top 10 of all free apps in Dec 2010. We also redesigned their site in 2010 (no longer live but elements live on in the new design).



For consideration on any of the above positions, send your resume and cover letter to: